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Privacy Statement

At ROC Sound, we value our relationships with our clients.  We will not disclose nor sell personal information about our clients.  We value your business and will work hard to maintain your trust!

Most clients who have events want to promote their events to the public.  And we want to promote our business also.  Therefore, we may list past and future events of a public nature in which we participate on this website on our Recent Events page, unless requested not to do so.  However, we will not list personal contact information such as names, phone numbers or emails unless specifically requested to do so.  We may list information of a public nature such as promotional websites and flyers.

If you feel there is information contained within this web site that should not be of a public nature, or is in error, please, contact us to discuss it.




Please check back often as we get this website "off the ground"... soon we will add a list of our available equipment, a list of some of our recent events, and a photo gallery. **********************************************************************


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