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Stumptown Park, Matthews, NC: Concert and Movie Series (Saturday, July 18, 2009)

Here are a few pictures of our most recent event were we were honored to work with "Cruize Control" for the first time.  They put on an excellent performance for the citizens of Matthews at the "Summer Concert and Movie Series at Stumptown Park".  Also, the many volunteers that make Matthews the wonderful place it is were honored with a cookout.  In addition to the fantastic entertainment, there was plenty of food and fun to go around, and the beautiful weather made for a great event.  We had a great time, and hope to be able to return for more concerts next summer!

Stage at Stumptown Park, Matthews, NC Featuring Cruize Control:  Beach, Boogie and Blues Cruize Control on stage The performance was full of energy

Drummer's view of the crowd at Stumptown Park The fans practice their moves prior to Electric Slide Yorkville elite speakers (2 subs and top; rated 2600W each side) cruised right along with Cruize Control 24 channel mix, processing and wireless mics


In the future, we will display more photos from some of our past events in which we have participated.  We keep a digital camera handy, because you can never tell what's around the next turn, and its always handy to have a picture of "the one that got away."   Not to mention our "road trips" are usually worth a few photos... such as this "gem" of Jim!

Just ONE more case, and we'll be ready to go!


Please check back often as we get this website "off the ground"... soon we will add a list of our available equipment, a list of some of our recent events, and a photo gallery. **********************************************************************



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